We operate Australia’s largest continuous carbonisation facility dedicated to the production of biochar and biomass based carbons (chars). The chars we produce have many uses in agricultural, environmental and industrial applications. If you are currently using imported chars or activated carbons we may be able to provide you with an effective option.

Through BIGCHAR, we also manufacture and supply the equipment for making char – as well as supplying heat.


Our Products

Retail Products

  • Biochar Naked for soil improvement.
  • Biochar Active for soil improvement … biochar with organic nutrients & a microbial innoculant
  • Our retail biochar products are available in 5 litre, 20 litre and bulk (1000 litre bulk bags or truck loads)
  • Coming in 2017: Charcoal Briquettes for BBQs – Black Pearls

Industrial Charcoal &
Bio-Carbon Products
(made to order and available only in bulk quantities)

  • Biochar for hydromulching and hyrdoseeding applications
  • Bulk biochar for soil remediation applications
  • Granular chars (for filtration and odour capture duties)
  • Micronised chars (down to 5 micron)
  • Semi-activated charcoal (approx. 200m2/gram BET surface area)

Our Distributors

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